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About Vista Point

Vista Point

  • Vista Point endeavor to four well established and respected individuals in their own rights, amalgamating their years of trusted experience in Kuwait and the region.
  • Aiming to build a fresh and diversified portfolio of leading brands for their Street Furniture & Urban Outdoor Line, developing into a "one stop shop" for the existing real estate and upscale projects the region has undertaken.
  • Vista Point is confident it has the resources to furnish and put the finishing touches, meeting its clients project requirements, by harmonizing innovative and distinguished products within the parameters and scale of the project's environment.
  • Vista Point is seeking to build an impressive portfolio of diversified product brands to offer its customers value proposition.
Vista Point Kuwait
Vista Point Kuwait
Vista Point Kuwait
Vista Point Kuwait
Vista Point Kuwait

Our Management Team

  • Vista Point is lead by key professionals, rich in local and global experience, who have earned solid reputation throughout the business sectors.
  • Trusted Boards Members of various respected organizations.
  • Often quoted as being "references" in terms of leadership skills regarded as innovative, dynamic and focused entrepreneurs in Kuwait resonating beyond the region.
  • VP's management tacit knowledge is what gives them their competitive advantage.
Our Mission

Vista Point was established with the objective of enhancing & harmonizing the diverse public areas by providing the highest quality street furniture and urban outdoor products.

Our Vision

To emerge as the reference in terms of street furniture and urban outdoor supplier in Kuwait and the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC)region.
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